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Tamara Bowler qualified from the Saraswati Yoga Studio in London in 2002. The course was an extremely in depth curriculum covering anatomy, philosophy, disabilities and injuries, meditation, history, relaxation and yoga practice for all the various stages and abilities of our physical lives, pregnancy etc.

The classes provide an opportunity to learn the main postures of yoga from scratch, or to take the postures a little further in a way that protects your body, while reaping all the benefits of the asanas (postures) and understanding the mechanics and dynamics in both body and mind. Each of the postures are done in stages so everyone can find their own level, taking their practice to a place where they feel comfortable. They can also be modified if needed. Tamara's practice is beneficial to a wide variety of individuals irrespective of age and fitness.

In the fast moving and stressful environment experienced by so many today Yoga can offer particular benefits: the release of endorphins which in turn boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure, reduces the heart rate and promotes psychological well-being.

Yoga is a life long study for both students and teachers. In accordance with this Tamara has continued to develop her own practice, regularly attending courses and seminars furthering her knowledge and understanding of Yoga.

Tamara continues to work with a wide variety of individuals and groups from beginners to advance students, private clients, corporate clients and specialist groups. These includes children of all ages, mothers to be, clients with addiction problems and a gentle class.

The latter is particularly well suited for anyone less physically able irrespective of age or physical condition. It allows them to practice Yoga in a way that is in a less strenuous yet beneficial, both physically and mentally. It provides them with the exercises to help them in their journey to becoming healthier and stronger.

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