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Pregnancy Yoga for mothers to be

Pregnancy can be a joyful but also a challenging time. Practicing yoga helps pregnant women stay strong, healthy, calm and positive. During pregnancy it is not only safe, it is beneficial to perform gentle to moderate exercise such as Hatha yoga. The benefits of Yoga can include the following: Less muscular aches and pains, Less tension and Increased flexibility. Hatha yoga improves posture which lessens the chance of backache while carrying baby and it improves circulation which decreases the risk of varicose veins. Yoga increases muscle strength which is not only good for delivery day but also to support joints that become looser during pregnancy. Hatha yoga increases energy levels which helps to combat the fatigue pregnant women often experience.

Yoga also helps pregnant women maintain a positive self-image. Yoga breathing exercises help reduce high blood pressure and soothe the nervous system. Breath control enables pregnant women to have more control over labour pains and remain more calm during contractions. Yoga poses lessen headaches, backaches, swollen legs, heartburn and open the pelvic area to encourage an easier birth.

Pregnancy Yoga
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